Making Connections

The world is all about connecting these days.  We are plugged in, checking in, updating, ‘friending’, linking more than ever before.  It is easy to ‘maintain’ relationships, personal and professional, with folks from all over the world.  But do these numerous ways to stay in contact actually allow us to connect with these individuals?  How do we go from being connected through technology to actually having a real human connection?  Is this even possible in the era of competing for Twitter and Instagram followers and likes on Facebook?  Can you and I make a connection just through this Blog?

Of course we can, if we connect as individuals!  This may sound overly simplistic, but it really is that simple.   Let’s start by connecting here.  I will start the conversation here on this blog and we can begin to connect through the discussions generated in this and future postings.  Like any relationship, we should begin by getting to know each other.  Let me tell you a little about myself and my background, my plans for this new blog, and some of my current projects.

My name is Laurel Martin and I live in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  I live in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains and enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures in the playground that is my backyard.  I am new to blogging, but not new to sharing my thoughts and opinions!   After receiving my bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, I worked for almost 3 years as a Zoo Educator, both as a volunteer intern and as part of the staff.  One of the many reasons I loved this job was that I got to meet and interact with so many different people.  Working with volunteers is one of the most fun ways I have seen to make new connections.

After I moved back to California, I began to work at a small non-profit organization, Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra.  Through this job, I have made amazing connections with so many wonderful people.  I work with an incredible group of volunteers, community partners, and colleagues.  I also work with generous donors and inspiring adaptive athletes.  These connections have had a strong impact on me personally and professionally.

In my years with this growing organization, I have been able to develop a variety of skills outside my logical, scientific side.  This has resulted in my current pursuit of an MBA (almost done!). Working to develop programming, establish partnerships throughout the community and nation, managing financial information and budgeting, managing volunteers and events, and more, have all allowed me to challenge and discover new strengths within myself.  I will explore some of these topics and issues in this blog in order to better understand the ever changing nature of business today.  It is my hope that through this conversation we can all continue to add value to our organizations and reach our goals.

I encourage you to join me in exploring these ideas.  Feel free to post comments and let me know your thoughts and perspective.  As we get to know each other better throughout the conversation that I hope this blog will be, I look forward to connecting with you!


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